SNIS docker container build : execution problem

I write a docker container to compile Snis from sources and easy install and update version : it work , no compilation warnings or errors but when i execute snis_launcher

but it does not work.

locks are created in container's /tmp but no process no lobby server.

/usr/local/bin/snis_launcher: 324: /usr/local/bin/snis_launcher: ps: not found

No SNIS processes are currently running.

Please can you help me


  • Looks like snis_launcher is trying to run the "ps" program, which is a program to show what processes are currently running on the system, and it isn't able to find it for some reason. snis_launcher uses it to show you which SNIS processes are currently running.

    I don't really know anything about docker.

    Here is a stackoverflow question that might be relevant:

  • thanks for your quick response.

    i didn't think to verify that ps command was present in container.

  • So it verified, ps was no present.

    thank for your help

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