"Intercept All Comms" Questions

Hello! Newbie GM here. Does anyone know of a way to include "Intercept All Comms" in a scenario script? I would like to not have to remember to press the button on the GM screen for scenarios I know ahead of time I want to do my comms with GM chat instead of pre-selected answers.


  • I am pretty sure this function is not exposed to the API yet. But feel free to file an issue or create a pull request – this should be rather simple to implement.

    In the meantime you could use the function addGMMessage() to remind yourself at the beginning of the scenario to turn the feature on. ;)

  • I'm looking at implementing an EE scenario as part of an escape room and since we plan on running the scenario many times with potentially different GMs I want to "dummy proof" things as much as possible. Since this is a feature I'm wanting to use regularly, I'll file an issue. addGMMessage() is a great work around in the mean time though. 👍️ Thanks!

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