Upgraded Forums to latest version

edited November 24 in Forum & Website

I have upgraded the forums to the latest version. I'm still tweaking a bit.

Stuff I'm still working on:

  • FIXED: Emails for new registrations do not seem to work. Trying to fix that now.

Will update this post with any status changes.

Email kwadroke@{myusername}.com if you're having problems logging in.


  • Just fixed an issue with comment box disappearing.

    Updated email address above until I figure out why emails are bouncing.

  • Emailing to kwadroke@{this-domain} should now work.

  • Can confirm comment box works on android chrome for me. Thanks.

  • And on firefox 70.0.1 on mint/ubuntu xenial for me also.

  • I tried to add my avatar image, but that seems to be broken now.

  • Might be a permissions issue on the file system. Will check when I get home tonight.

  • Sorry for the delay. Forgot last night was the Galaxy Quest Documentary.

    You should be able to change your avatar now.

  • Check.

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