Artemis on a mac

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So I have wine set up and I've tested a few .exe's (wine on a mac running os 10.9), but will I need to install .net in order for Artemis to run?


  • I don't think of uses .net. I haven't had to install it, at least on Linux.
  • The executable does not appear to directly link to any of the .net libraries so it is most likely a native windows application.

    That does not mean none of it's dependencies do, but I see no evidence of it, but I highly doubt it. It seems to just be a traditional C++ application that uses Direct X.
  • Installed Artemis last night on my laptop running Debian 7. I also had to install Wine. I did not have to install any libraries such as .Net to get it to run.
  • Many people misunderstand what .NET is and when it's required. It is not like the standard Win32 or Direct X libraries where any application can link to them. Applications that use .NET must be written using what is called Managed Code and that imparts a number of limitations and restrictions on software developers (as well as some nice benefits). This means that developers that are used to traditional C and C++ applications tend to not use .NET

    .NET is more like the Java Run-time Environment then it is like a standard C library (It runs compiled .NET byte-code on a target platform). A properly writen application in .NET would not require wine to run on other platforms, it would just need the MONO .net implementation, exactly like a Java application would.
  • Seems to be working fine.  Thanks for the input.
  • Make sure you are using wine 1.7.6 or greater as 1.5.1 through 1.7.5 wine would not run Artemis.
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