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  • Has anyone had any luck with the issue on some touchscreen platforms that requires the user to swipe or double-tap for every input?
  • Also, I'm trying to create a Game Master button that will allow me to add probes to the player's supply on the fly so that they don't have to dock with a station in order to get more. Does anyone have ideas about how to do this? I'm having a hard time finding scripts or even parts of the code that reference the probes.
  • There are not script functions attached to the probe storage right now. So it makes sense that you cannot find it :)
  • Good to know! That makes sense now. Is it possible to temporarily set the docking_state == DS_Docked without the ship actually being docked? I could be going about this wrong, but I'm thinking that making EE act as if a player ship were docked for a minute or two (although it would actually still be flying around) would gradually refill that ship's probes. What are your thoughts?
  • Nope, that won't work, as there is so much related to docking.

    Easier would be just to add the functions, as new script functions is very easy :-)
  • Added functions for probe storage (current and maximum) and made a new release. This new release also includes a different OpenAL version, hopefully fixing the problems we had with crashes in there.
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    At least on wine, I have no sound with the new windows version.
    Message "Failed to open the audio device"
    Same result on two different machines with two different distros, 64 and 32bit.
    if I do one of these three, sound will be back again:
    - replacing the openal32.dll by a version of an older release
    - forcing winecfg to use the wine-built-in version of openal32.dll
    - delete openal32.dll, wich will by default cause wine to fallback to the built-in version

    So at least with wine, the new OpenAL version seems to have problems.
    I was not yet able to test it on a windows machine though.
  • I was also having the audio device error when using the openal32.dll packaged with the new release on Windows 10. However, I was testing on a machine that had a fresh install of Windows 10. When I went to http://openal.org/downloads/ and ran the OpenAL 1.1 Windows Installer, I could either delete the openal32.dll that was in the EE parent directory to fix the sound issues (As it would cause EE to fallback to the newly built-in Windows openal32.dll) or I could even delete the new openal32.dll from System32 in the Windows directory and suddenly EE would work with the openal32.dll that's packaged in the EE directory. Not totally sure why this is the case.

    Thank you so much for the new probe functions!! These are going to make things so much easier!

    Also, the new "Can Be Destroyed" function in the Game Master screen is awesome!
  • Is it possible to run only the Main Screen Controls on a device without needing to run another station on it at the same time? I'm trying to set up Empty Epsilon on an Android device and have only the Main Screen Controls on it, so that the Captain can have a personal controller. Maybe the device would even be built-in to the Captain's chair. Thank you!
  • Yes it is, you don't even need to run an Emptyepsilon instance there, any device that runs a halfway-decent webbrowser will be enough.

    That's because the web api can handle the Main Screen Controls as well.

    You don't even need to set up a webpage with those buttons, kwadroke already has done that:

  • This is awesome! Thank you for this!!

    (And thank you, kwadroke!)
  • Is it possible to open more than one instance of the Game Master screen simultaneously for a single server?
  • Nope. Due to technical limitations, the game master screen only functions on the server, and thus you can only open 1 of them.
  • All right. Thank you anyway!
  • Hi there,

    we had a few games last saturday and we've encountered some lag in the 3D view. overall it was fluid, but you could see the ships moving by "chunks". As is there was a delay to render the image, or as if the bouncing box was always hitting something.

    It has no real impact on the game except immersion, but I wondered if you had the same issue or any tips to deal with it.

    Many thanks!

  • Which build where you running? There was a bug fixed a few months ago that caused "old collision areas" to stay around, causing all kinds of strange problems both on clients and the server.
  • Which build where you running? There was a bug fixed a few months ago that caused "old collision areas" to stay around, causing all kinds of strange problems both on clients and the server.
    We used the latest.

    But we altered some elements in the model_data.lua file, and created a new shipTemplate for our scenarios.

    We also had no sound on all the computers involved.
  • Sound is probably the openal-issue (scroll up a bit on this page till May 6). So deleting the openal.dll and install openAL (if not already installed) on your system should do the trick
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    Sound is probably the openal-issue (scroll up a bit on this page till May 6). So deleting the openal.dll and install openAL (if not already installed) on your system should do the trick
    It's still quite a problem when you have 30 different pc from different owners :(

    I suppose focusing on the pcs hosting the main screens would do for now.

    thanks !
  • I've been away for a couple months, but in the new version I can't for the life of me find the gamemaster option. Has it changed/moved?
  • Never mind. Looks like it's only available on the server. Works for me.
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    I am posting it here aswell, as maybe there will be more testers: It could be that the sound/openal issue might be finally solvable:
    Personally I can not test it. At least one positive feedback has already been posted on github, but it would probably good if others with windows 10 can test to replace the openal.dll in the EmptyEpsilon with that new file
    https://github.com/SFML/SFML/blob/master/extlibs/bin/x86/openal32.dll and hopefully confirm that both the old and the new issue (crashing on windows ten after a few minutes/no sound) can be solved with that one.
  • Hi,

    I've been playing Artemis for about 6 months and ran across Empty Epsilon. It looks like many of the issues that I've had with Artemis have been addressed. Two questions:

    1. Early on, I saw someone wrote a converter to take Artemis mission scripts and make missions for Empty Epsilon. Does this still exist and how effective is it? (I know, that's two questions in one). I've written scripts for Artemis that I'd love to try out in Empty Epsilon.

    2. The most recent posts seem to be rather old. Has dialog on this moved to a different forum? This one goes to 34 pages and stops.

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    1. The Python script to convert Artemis missions is with the source code and isn't distributed with the release files. https://github.com/daid/EmptyEpsilon

    2. There is a section of the forums for EmptyEpsilon - http://bridgesim.net/categories/emptyepsilon . This technically this is the thread for the game details.
  • The mission script conversion converts I think 80% of the mission. But then still will need some manual tweaking to increase diversity in enemy types.

    Especially some of the more "odd" things are not converted from Artemis missions. Like keypresses, whales/monsters. Nebulas are much smaller in Artemis, and thus less of those are created in EE, which will give different results.

    The conversion script will give a list of warnings on things it didn't understand.
    Due to the manual work involved after using it, I don't include it in the releases.

    Most questions on EE are here. Some of the suggestions and reported bugs are on the github issue tracker. It's not super active here. But we respond quick to questions.
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    Thanks Daid and Kwadroke

    More questions:

    1. I used the pre-built Windows zip from the download (2017.11.03) on all my machines (3 running XP and 2 running Windows 7) and they all gave a message upon launch "Failed to open audio device" and none of them had any sound. Any hints as to how to get the sound working?

    2. I read a question about playing audio. I see where some users replace the music with their own selections in the combat and non-combat folders. In Artemis, there's a mechanism to trigger a .wav file which will play on the main computer. Some of my scripts use this for voice recordings of characters communicating with the players on Artemis. Is there an equivalent in Empty Epsilon? I'm not talking about the function/feature where Artemis puts a button on the communications console for the communications officer to click to trigger the audio message, I'm talking about the play_sound_now option in the Artemis scripting language (such as it is). I'm not looking to trigger audio at the client level, only on the main screen or server machine.

    3. Two out of three of my XP machines also have Ubuntu installed. I don't see a pre-built Linux downloadable. I remember seeing a link to someone's build script or makefile or something to that effect. Are there plans to make a pre-built Linux download? Barring that, is there a simplified way to get this software on the Linux half of my machines? I believe I'm running version 16 (I don't recall the subversion) of Linux.

    Extra info on my initial experience:
    I like what the game offers in terms of game play very much. I ran the server on an XP box wired to the hub. my first test was with two Win7 machines and an XP machine. One of the Win7 machines connected wirelessly to the hub and the other machines were wired. I ran the 3/4 configuration. The server eventually froze after what I think was the first wave (I played the easy waves scenario since I was swapping attention between three consoles). I did not see a dump file to send you. I had to force the machine to shut down.
    My second test went better. I hooked up another XP machine (wired) and I ran a semi-5/6 test: dedicated terminals except for operations (science and relay). The new XP machine eventually lost connection. I can't tell if this was due to Empty Epsilon or just the age of the machine. There was not a dump file to extract to send.

    I think we'll try again. My brother got it running with audio on his Mac

  • Solution for 1. is https://github.com/daid/EmptyEpsilon/issues/497#issuecomment-352091594 @BlueShadow postet it a few posts above your own.

    Solution for 3. https://github.com/daid/EmptyEpsilon/wiki/Build-from-sources

    dumpfile is in the mainfolder *.rpt
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    As for 2, EE currently has no audio functions in the mission scripting. Playing audio on the server should be easy to add. Playing audio on a client (e.a. mainscreen) is more involved as the Multiplayer code currently only handles "state" not "events", and playing audio is more of an event thing then a state thing.
    Will be in the next build, so that at least allows you to play sounds on the server machine.
  • Thanks, Tolotos. Up to step 2 (openal32.dll from github) worked for the XP server and 3 other machines. One XP machine didn't take the fix. I'll try step 3 for that one (reinstall from alternate source)

    Thank in advance for adding sound triggered on server, Daid

    I'm also working on installing and testing on my Android device.

    Btw, my brother's Mac install had network issues: client couldn't find server and server froze (he tried the server on a Mac mini). Not a show stopper yet because he usually runs just the client on brother's. He and I both want this to work. We will be trying various combinations.

    Another question:
    How do I quit the server software without doing Alt-F4?
  • As he runs it on a mac I guess he compiled it from the sources, right?

    Connection problems can be because of version mismatch. If he just used the recent source, did not modify the version number and want to connect with windows, the win clients would not see the server because the version number differs. However if he did change the number and some network stuff was changed since the last official release, all kind of weird stuff can happen.

    So to make sure the problem is not one of that reasons, he can use the source with the according release Tag:
    https://github.com/daid/EmptyEpsilon/releases (he would still have to modify the version number as told in the compiling instructions, as otherwise the current date would be used)

    To Quit the Server, press Escape to Return to the Station Selection Screen, then: Scenario Selection-> Close Server
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