Starting my own Bridge Sim - Space Pi-Rates

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I've been considering making my own Bridge Sim for a while.

The plan is to make a game for Raspberry Pis. It will be fairly basic; at least at the beginning. Probably be only a single ship VS the computer. Later there might be multiple ship support. This will probably not the simulator I will be running at most of the events Conventions. This will be something I use to show off Raspberry Pi. 

Here are my plans so far:
This will be a Space Pirates type game. Basically the goal is to destroy and loot other space ships.

Game Requirements
- All Servers & Clients must be able to run smoothly on Raspberry Pis. Model B minimum OK.
- USB Joystick Support
- All functions must be able to be controlled via Keyboard without Mouse (Mouse is optional) (This includes GPIO with Keyboard emulation) 
- Must be legible via Composite Video connections. 7" screens minimum OK

Optional/Future additions
- DMX lighting
- OSC 
- Midi controls

Languages/Software (For Proof of Concept - subject to change)
- Main Screens -  Python with Pi3D
- Clients - Python with PyGame or HTML5 (javascript) interfaces
- Servers - Python and/or NodeJS 

- Helm
- Weapons
- Science/Comms
- Engineering/Damage Control
- Captain (Main Screen)


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