How to remove the "space debris"?


Is there a way to remove the "space debris" from EE? What I call space debris are the little dots on the 3d view that show the player ship is moving.

I really dont like them, the image seems too poluted.

In Artemis SBS there is much less of this pseudo objects and they can easly removed by replacing a certain png file for a file with the same name, but with just a transparent layer.



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    This is called "space dust" is EE.

    You can disable this effect by editing the options.ini file (value main_screen_flags and ship_window_flags). At the top of the file, there is a short documentation how to dis-/enable this, and other visuals.

  • Thanks!

    I´m an Artemis SBS player, Game Master and Scriptwriter, but EE seems to have a lot more options for customization.

    I´m thinking about migrate to EE, but I´m a bit worried about the learning curve for scripting LUA (and I need o to convince my crew to do it too!).


  • Hi,

    Discussing it on the USN discord would be helpful I think.

  • For LUA Scripting; Check the existing .lua files that EmptyEpsilon includes. There's all kind of good tidbits in there for learning

  • Other useful ressources are the mission scripting tutorial on the game Page

    And to look up existing functions there is the file script_reference.html in the game folder.

    Also, not so much for learning, but quite handy: In the GM Screen, you copy the selected objects or the complete map as lua code to your clipboard (if you are using linux, you have the install xclip for it to work, at least in the stable realease)

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