Idea for an Artemis Master Server

edited September 2013 in Artemis SBS
I was thinking earlier this morning on how we can have a Master Server for Artemis Spaceship Bridge Simulator. Since Artemis is now on Steam this makes more sense.

My idea how this would work:
By default the servers use TCP port 2010. If a master server update client was ran on the server and tried to see if port 2010 was open it could update the master server every X amount of seconds. The first connection would send the server details an subsequent connections would just let it know it is still alive. Once the client no longer sees that the port is open, it would send an update to the server saying that it was down.
The master server would check to see if the client has updated within X amount of seconds. If it has not, it would remove it from its list of valid servers.
Users could go to the webpage on the master server to see what servers are available. With the way Artemis is now you'd still have to manually enter the server address unless a seperate client updated the INI file automatically.

So far I almost have a master server update client written. I'm creating it in Python at the moment. Eventually it will be turned into a standalone executable for Windows. The actual master server will be written in PHP with a MySQL or SQLite DB. I've started pseudo coding it but no where near actual code. I'll probably put it on my webserver for the Development version an host the full on Amazon AWS.

Any thoughts on this?


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