French version, where the frack ?

ok, so i started to test EE, at last. I can"t wait to assemble a ship at start a playtest with my kids.

But they don't speak english (and many other adult don't feel confortable, as you can imagine) so i would like to switch to french.

I found the Fr.po in the locale repertory, but could find how to active it....


  • In options.ini set language to "fr".

    Note that the translations are partial, especially scenarios are not all translated.

  • thanks Daid.

    I will try to contribute, using the PO file.

  • Hello Logan23,

    I translated several scripts and sounds but for the EE version of February 2020. If you want I can send them to you if you want to update on the fr.po or just play on the old version in French.

  • edited November 2020

    Thanks muerte it will be welcome. !

    Asfar as i undertand:

    1/ The last version from 2020-80 is translate, but only the GUI/tutorial

    2/ You've translated the sound (that i have to include in the rights folders ?)

    3/ Regarding scripts, i saw the thread, but i'm not sure about how to translate and how t keep it up to date.

    Edit : i saw they have a .po file, but there is a lot of code in the .lua, so it's not easy to grab the text. The other problem i, of course, when that .lua will be changed.

  • 1 / Yes but not the accents for the moment

    2 / Yes you just need to copy / paste overwrite in right folders

    3 / Me neither ^^ Look at the other recent posts, Daid gives me an explanation

    Leave me an email and I'll forward this to you.

    I translated several scenario missions as well as the basic scenarios, the communication files, the faction database. I haven't translated the interface but it's not the most annoying to play. I translated the sounds of the Deliver Ambassador scenario and started another one and the self-destruct.

    I am glad that this work serves and is not completely lost

  • thanks for the feedback.

    Mp send. Will wait for your files

  • Hi,

    In fact I sent you an email to your address ... on Nov 21 at 6 p.m.

    In the meantime I'm trying to figure out how to use Github to help with translation.

    I modified the fr.po yesterday to remove all accents, modify translation errors, make sure not to overflow the text in the boxes etc. firstly concerning the interface.

  • Sorry, i couldn't find anything, even in my spambox. Can you try it again or MP me ?

  • Can you verify before that the email address you gave me is correct?

  • Hello, I am coming back to you to tell you that I have translated the game in February 2020 almost completely into French with several scenarios as well, while waiting for the latest version to be fully translated. Contact me if you want it. There will be no manipulation to do, just download it.

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