Additional Hotkey Request

Man, I am amazed at this game. Can't wait for EE2...

I am making special consoles for some of the stations using Arduino as a custom USB keyboard and I ran into a problem. There is no hoykeys for Relay. Is it possible to add some such as Launch Probe, Start Hacking, Open Comms, etc...


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    Also, I have reviewed the code and Amir's joystick add-in, etc... but I am having trouble figuring out how to bind joystick buttons to station commands. Has this been added? If so, how would I write joystick button 1 to a command in the Options.ini file?

    I really am trying to figure it out on my own, but to no avail. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  • To the second question: I am not sure, someone else here would be able to answer that question.

    To the first request: I didn't realize there are no hotkeys for Relay. I would like to see better support for keyboard control in EE, in general; at some point I would like to make some patches in that regard. EE has a fairly solid base, but is missing some things. I'll see if I can add hot-keys for Relay, but I will not be doing it in the near future, I am loaded up right now as it is.

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  • Hi,

    Amir's joystick configuration is very easy, we just have to put "[B1]" in options.ini to active the first button of your first joystick. More info here :

    I put more hotkeys for relay into my larp version of EE, i don't remember if amir did the same. Grab it if you want :

  • Hi there, new user here, I am running Epsilon for a group of kids to teach them leadership and communication skills. I was wondering if there is an easy way to modify the hotkeys easily (no coding skills here). Specifically I would love it if the kids could not back out using the Esc key and also would love to add firing keys for the missile tubes.

  • ESC is hard coded to exit. Setting a key to fire each tube is not hard. Once you exit the game normally, you should find options.ini and in it there are keyboard mappings you can configure for various things including launching particular torpedo tubes.

  • Also, autoconnect disables hotkeys (thanks @daid for suggesting that).

    how to use it:

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