New Scenario "Lasers of Leixtra"

Listen up, Pilot! We need your help! Our station is attacked by generic enemies with no back story. They managed to infect the software on our multi-station Corvettes with a virus, so we had to lock them down. The only defense that we have, are multiple small Scouts, Fighters and Bombers.

Get your gear!

Make sure your intercom is working!

Select your favorite ship!

Give it a paint shop! (I think we have time for that)

Then join your squad on the battle field! The enemies are numerous, but we are brave!

And don't forget to turn on your shield, before engaging the enemy!

Good luck soldier!


During the lockdown I found the time to write a small scenario that I enjoyed playing with friends remotely. Instead of stearing one ship every one gets a small fighter. I found that this gives a more immersive feeling when you are remote - especially for new players - without taking away the communication and team effort that make EE fun. The mission is as simple as it is well known: Defend the station. But I added a few extras:

  • There are 3 different classes (with strengths and weaknesses) the players can choose from, with 6 specialisations later on. Getting a healthy mix in your team is advised.
  • The players can get updates and skills that give them unique powers that help them and their team
  • new enemies with special behaviors
  • The game runs without a GM and challenges the 1-7 players automatically

Its probably no scenario I want to support for long, but it is fun. There is a Readme in the archive and most documentation for the players can be found in the in-game database.



Player Ships


Download here and enjoy


  • Cool, nice work, I will have to try it out.

  • Hi,

    It's a very original scenario that really makes you want to. Would it be possible to update it so that it can be played with the recent version of EE?

    Thanks you to the good souls who will pass through here.

  • This will probably work with the latest EE. It requires installation on every client, not just the server

  • In view of what is in the file is it a mod more than a scenario? Couldn't it be integrated into EE as a base? I don't even know what to do with files and folders to try it out.

  • It is both a mod and a scenario which requires that mod. Or: a mod that also includes a scenario.

    There is a readme file included that tells you what to do.

    I am not sure if this also works on the new pre-release or current master, as the resource folder structure has changed quite a bit the last few months.

  • Ok thanks.

    It's shame all these mods and scenarios proposed on this forum but which are not playable as they are because not updated.

  • Hi @xopn, I wanted to know if your scenario Lasers of Leixtra was compatible with the latest version of EE? knowing that there has been a lot of evolution in 2 years. It is very original with several autonomous vessels and makes you want to. If you come back in the area, thank you for your answer.Thanks

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