"Intercept All Comms" Questions

Hello! Newbie GM here. Does anyone know of a way to include "Intercept All Comms" in a scenario script? I would like to not have to remember to press the button on the GM screen for scenarios I know ahead of time I want to do my comms with GM chat instead of pre-selected answers.


  • I am pretty sure this function is not exposed to the API yet. But feel free to file an issue or create a pull request – this should be rather simple to implement.

    In the meantime you could use the function addGMMessage() to remind yourself at the beginning of the scenario to turn the feature on. ;)

  • I'm looking at implementing an EE scenario as part of an escape room and since we plan on running the scenario many times with potentially different GMs I want to "dummy proof" things as much as possible. Since this is a feature I'm wanting to use regularly, I'll file an issue. addGMMessage() is a great work around in the mean time though. 👍️ Thanks!

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    Hi, sorry for resurrecting this thread. In current EE versions, you can have custom Comms script/function (with function addCommsReply()) and first button in there can open chat with GM by calling commsSwitchToGM(). This is imho most dumb-proof so some ships can react "in character" and GM can handle only comms that are wanted there.

    If you get creative, you could also use EE's HTTP server to retrieve data from scenario (for example in come comm script players could decide something, you set some value into script storage and then you can retrieve it by querying EE's HTTP server with LUA code.

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