Local Starship Bridge Set

I've started working on converting some physical space into a bridge simulator. This picture shows a mostly completed platform (rail still needs work) as well as the bridge screens on the wall.


  • Looks like a good start. Thanks for sharing.

    Where is the space? Is it somewhere that you can paint and deck out the lights?

  • I intend to put up paneling to give the bridge screens more of a built in look. I'm leasing the space. It's in an older commercial building. I also want to do DMX lighting in various places. I need to figure out how to get that to run under Linux.

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    Details can be found at Local Starship

  • Thanks. We're open. Just need customers

  • Are there pictures of the completed bridge?

  • Yes:

    ...and with the lights off from the weapons console:

    Of course, I have plans to add DMX lighting as well as tech stuff to the walls to make it look more like a starship bridge, but I have to start somewhere.

    I'll take any feedback or suggestions anyone provides

  • Looks awesome! Wish it was local to us!

    Would you mind a little website feedback? On your main page, I'd maybe reorder the images. Although exciting for people who know, as a purely visual thing for someone who's never played, the Helm image is super basic. Maybe go with:

    1. Captain
    2. Science
    3. Engineering
    4. Relay
    5. Weapons
    6. Helm

    Just for the visual impact?

  • Agreed. I started revamping those images and just have not posted them yet. Once I update the site, I'll drop a reply here and ask for feedback

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