Empty Epsilon scenario "Escape" question (spoilers)

I have a question about the scenario "Escape" packaged with the latest version of Empty Epsilon. (It may have been in one or two versions before that; I don't know, having skipped everything between 2018.2.15 and 2019.05.21.) We've managed to find all the repair parts, transfer to the ship with the repairable jump drive, and get our ship operational enough to jump out. The problem is finding a Human Navy station. Kraylor space is surrounded by Independent stations, and it changes your IFF when you transport to the Independent freighter so that they're all visible and green - and thus indistinguishable from the Human Navy. We've done a thorough search spamming probes everywhere, but all we get is sporadic threats to come get us for stealing the ship (that never result in pursuit) and never find any sign of what we're supposed to be looking for, though we did discover we could contact the fighter we started in and have it come assist us, and the Kraylor do nothing to stop it from leaving the junk yard and cruising right over the 100 units we jumped getting away from them. :P Are we doing something wrong? We picked a random green station to jump towards because getting away was an emergency, so if that breaks something I'm very confused.
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