Single Pilot View, Docking Fighters, & A Bug

I'm setting up a sim pit for the fighter set up. I'm using a touchscreen as the main interaction console, and a seperate monitor as the viewscreen behind the console. Problem is, the single pilot screen has a rendered view of the main screen. Is there a simple way to switch it out with another view? Perhaps the power management screen? I have minimal coding knowledge, but changing it would make it work so much better.

Other features that would be nice is if fighters could disappear and be untargetable when docked. As if they were docked inside the carrier or station.

Plus a bug report. I don't know the best place to put this, but I'll include it here and post elsewhere if needed. The battle cruiser icon sizing is off in the helms and tactical screens. It's fine on the main radar, just not other ones. Simple fix I'd assume.



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