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So, based on the idea that the best time to be a Captain is when you're completely new (I kid you not this advice was given by seasoned vets), I'd like to see if there's any interest putting together a crew.

A half role-play, half casual mess, the BSCN (BridgeSim Civil Navy?) Arrowsnare will hope to engage in both spamtastic one shot play and forget missions, but also a relaxed research vessel role-play that goes on over time.

Potentially need a crew of around about six.

Captain (me primarily but I'll create a rota of those who want to take a shot at it).
Game Master/Director (Observer)

Plus any backups/reserve spots if someone can't make it on the day. Any extras may be roped in for a second ship.

I'd envision that the ship runs on EmptyEpsilon (primarily, other bridgesims may feature). It will primarily run on weekends. Saturday (UTC) to be safe. Other days may feature depending on demand.

Interested? Post below!

About me
I have some experience writing role-plays for groups such as the Horizon Fleet, Obsidian Fleet and so on. I've managed a role-playing collab community on Nationstates up to 200 and I've generally been around a bit. My experience with Bridgesims however is very limited but more than willing to give it a shot.

I have no problems hosting one shot events.


  • I'd like to. Saturday evening after the TSN duty shift would be a good time for me. TSN goes from 2000-0000 UTC, so technically, I'm suggesting early Sunday 0030 UTC (currently 6:30pm my timezone; Central)
  • That's feasible otherwise later Sunday? (I could get up early...on a sunday just for this...) (...get up...early....on a sunday wtf am I thinkin')
  • Later Sunday possibility for me: 2200 or 2230 UTC (4:00pm or 4:30pm Central)
  • Saturday midnight it is!
  • Beware: Here be rambling thoughts! To give everyone an idea of what I've been thinking about recently with regards to the missions. The kind of feel I want the ship to have and how I want everyone to have a stake in the ship, as in it's something that they contribute to as much as anyone else. Some will naturally contribute more and others less, but that's okay.

    1. Types of Missions
    2. Development of Missions
    3. Democratization - Circular Hierarchy.

    So as indicated above the idea is to do a broad range of fire and forget missions, this focuses on two things: fun and newbies wanting to get involved. Pretty much how I've been getting involved to begin with.

    Those who want to 'formalize things' and learn to function as a real crew can join in with the other missions. I want to stay away from most things military because the the Terran Stellar Navy (TSN) does that and does it reasonably well. That means with Arrowsnare, you should see different missions popping up.

    So you might see a mission, "We've found anomaly alpha-five-two, please investigate", so far so standard, but you won't find missions like, "Engage hostiles in Sector C2, protecting Starbase Apollo from incursion." That said that doesn't mean combat won't be a part, just a smaller part. So perhaps running into competing factions, mercenaries and so on. Even the odd bandit raid.

    While I'm hoping that the Fire and Forget missions will be relatively fast paced, ad-hoc, live or die kind of things and hoping for a distinctly different feel for the other missions and something different to how I see TSN engaging. I'd hope to slow down the pace allow the Captain time to give detailed instructions and make decisions as appropriate. After all, I don't imagine real ships would have things such fast paced.


    I've also been doing a little research into the formation and development of missions and I would definitely like to encourage some more free-form thinking. I've seen in TSN so far that everyone is basically spoon fed information and that's great. With Arrowsnare I generally hope to replicate, but from time to time insert a wild card where the crew member who has discovered something will have to make something up on the spot of what they have found. Is it an alien specimen? An ancient artifact? A treasure hoard? Completely up to them.

    This information would be fed to the Captain who can run with it making up their own mission on the fly. Or assessed and sent back to homebase for further analysis i.e. the possible development of a later mission. I think by making players the primary source of information, we can develop a more inclusive atmosphere where there's always someone in charge (i.e. to tell people what to do next) but no one is higher up the chain than anyone else.

    Bringing me to my final point...


    A point I have touched on so much but something I think is important in something like this is that everyone is accountable to someone. So, the Crew are accountable to the Captain/Commander, who are in a sense accountable to the Crew but more primarily to the Director. The Director is accountable to everyone because everyone gets a say in who the director should be and what we should be looking at, in some kind of 'rough' democracy, by that I mean just general consensus building otherwise the Director gets free reign. Likewise since everyone is accountable to the crew, because if the crew don't like stuff, they'll inevitably leave.
  • I like having a variety of mission types. I tried to mix combat missions with other missions in various forms in the Defender Hunter scenario which is now part of EE version 2018.11.16, but generally you have to play an un-timed variation (and survive for longer than half an hour) to get to the non-combat portions of the mission. You can set the difficulty to Easy to reduce the intensity of the combat for those times when you wish to focus more on the mission aspect.

    Eventually, the mission permutations in the scenario only go so far, so this won't meet your long term goals of story arc and ad-hoc mission fulfillment, but it could get the crew at least thinking more along the lines of mission focus rather than just combat focus.

  • Oh I still plan for combat, it'll just be from a civilian standpoint rather than military. Which will mean more inspired story writing. That said, it is more than likely that I'll have to script my own...to a greater or lesser degree. With that said, I will no doubt be using the inbuilt scripts while getting started.
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