EmptyEpsilon / Another Bridge Simulator for Bachelor Party?

Hey everyone, I tried searching through the forums before I asked this question, but didn't see anything close.

I'm hosting a bachelor party for a friend of mine in a couple weeks, and wanted to set up a Bridge Simulator. I've rented out a space that has an 80" TV, great wifi, and some comfy chairs. To entertain 10 guys for a few hours, which simulator is both easy to set up and use / learn, and provides good variation in gameplay over that time?


  • Empty Epsilon (EE) is relatively easy to set up and easy to learn. Plus it's free. Artemis is also easy to set up and learn. You'll have to purchase a copy, though. I think it's $40. Both have various missions or scenarios to choose from providing different kinds of play plus changing roles within the simulation will offer the guys variation in playing experience.

    Both support Windows. EE can run on Mac under Wine. The latest version (6Sep2018) fixes former issues with the science station. Artemis can run on Mac or even iOS, but you have to downgrade all clients and users to version 2.4.0 which will add to your set up time and complexity. I have not tried to get Artemis to run under Linux, but EE will run under Linux, but you'll have to jump through some hoops to compile it for Linux (adding to the complexity and time for set-up). Artemis will not run on Android, but the previous version of EE (15Feb2018) can run the engineering console well on an Android device. If you go this route, all users will have to use that version.

    So, i guess it depends on your participants as to how difficult it'll be to set up.

    Let us know either what you decide or if you've got questions.
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