Had a great time with 3 ships, 15 people!

edited August 2018 in EmptyEpsilon
I just wanted to say thank you to the Empty Epsilon devs for making this game. I hosted 13 people at my house (two more remoted in) to play a few rounds on three ships. We had no issues with all 18 computers running the game. We have done this with Artemis in the past, and only had some lag issues over there. On EE, no lag or network issues at all. We did have a game crash when running the "Waves" scenario, but other than that it ran smoothly. Thank you!

My setup:
Server (i3-4130, 8gb RAM, Gigabit)
3 TPLink MR-3020 Wifi Hotspots (one per ship) in AP mode
13 Windows laptops on local network
2 Windows desktops on local network
2 Windows laptops connected in via the internet (with live video chat the entire time)
1 Android (Fire 7... worked oddly well!)


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