Ran a LARP on the weekend with EE

So been prepping this for a while. Finally ran a full blown 50 player event using EE as the spaceship sim.

Programmed some extras,
Solar System Generator, 10 rings basically around a randomly generated sun, each ring can have a combination of asteroids, nebulars (some times spiraling in), a planet or some random other bits.

4 Factions of either free or bought models.

Changes in ships.

10 screen for one ship, including doubling up the Science Screen (so they can see probe view at the same time as main).

GM screen changes to generate new system, Hide descriptions (needs changing again) and basically make it suitable for LARP.

25 planets, split into types which generate (vaugely) suitable distance from the sun. Hot close, cold and Gas far.

Comet flying around.

6 natural creatues to roam around.

The feedback has been amazing and couldnt of made it possible or more importantly as easy without EE.

Hopefully this means after this year UK Starship Bridge Simulator will change running Artemis at convention to running EE.

UK Starship Bridge Simulator.

And the Larp I helped at
Orion Sphere

Wayne Street
UK Starship Bridge Simulator


  • hey man, is there any way that you could send me the modded version and also what changes did you make to make this compatible for a full blown 50 player larp?
  • So, 1 ship with 10 screens? 10 clients total? Or 50 clients? I don't expect all players to have a screen in a LARP environment right?

    Any hickups?
  • 1 Ship, 10 screen for that ship. so 10 Clients. Just to make it clear.

    Setup was it was rental ship, so players came in went on a mission and left, new group cam in on a new mission. Lots of changing over the weekend and redoing maps etc. Basically ran an hour mission, then 30 minutes will a new mission. Could of just leave it run but actualy LARP also had to take place :smiley:

    Ill be adding it to drop box my version, I havn't made it into a mod as yet that's on the list. Just message me for the link I bought all the assets or the were free.

    From EE, honestly no, one, single station crash over the whole weekend.

    It was solid as a rock, players really enjoyed it, the GM screen (with some mods to buttons so I could hide Descriptions) worked well.

    Odd thing I thought worked well which I know its not designed for

    2 science screens on the one ship, allowed them to look at the probe and main science view at the same time was a real boon to the players.

    Can I just add my thank on how easy it was to add in a load a ships, ideas and bits via the scripting, apart from a couple of small issues, pretty much everything in game will be solved via scripting. (prime example of this is relay, in a LARP it really needs the map on a separate screen to the chat, as its literally a chat screen some missions).

    Thanks again, we will be running again later in the year.

  • Send us your mission script please! Wow! Incredible job! @Dwaine Dwibly
  • Love to see some pictures of the event.
  • So start at the beginning, sorry about the wait, also ran UK Games Expo for 2 ships.

    For Pictures of the event you can go to


    Working out how to post the actual scenario since modded EE with new models etc. Will try and modify to make it compatible with just normal EE. I think its a good solid map generator for solar systems and maps.

  • If possible, that would be nice.
    Seriously, could you send us the mod and the script? There's a lack of good mods that I can find out there. :)
  • Message me your email, ill add your to my google drive.
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