Ran a LARP on the weekend with EE

So been prepping this for a while. Finally ran a full blown 50 player event using EE as the spaceship sim.

Programmed some extras,
Solar System Generator, 10 rings basically around a randomly generated sun, each ring can have a combination of asteroids, nebulars (some times spiraling in), a planet or some random other bits.

4 Factions of either free or bought models.

Changes in ships.

10 screen for one ship, including doubling up the Science Screen (so they can see probe view at the same time as main).

GM screen changes to generate new system, Hide descriptions (needs changing again) and basically make it suitable for LARP.

25 planets, split into types which generate (vaugely) suitable distance from the sun. Hot close, cold and Gas far.

Comet flying around.

6 natural creatues to roam around.

The feedback has been amazing and couldnt of made it possible or more importantly as easy without EE.

Hopefully this means after this year UK Starship Bridge Simulator will change running Artemis at convention to running EE.

UK Starship Bridge Simulator.

And the Larp I helped at
Orion Sphere

Wayne Street
UK Starship Bridge Simulator


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