Android - Empty Circles

I was trying to get EE working with several galaxy Tab A devices (SM-T580) - but no t
Station shows what is supposed to be on the circle of the scanner (or whatever)

Is this a known issue - and what do I do about it?


  • It's a known issue, not all Android devices display EE properly. Some of them fail to render text, some fail on the radar.
    The problems are more with SFML (the library on which EE is build).

    There is currently not much you can do about it.
  • That brings up another question: Is there some kind of reference device for the android version? In other words, which device are you using to test the Android build?
    I don't own any touchscreen-only-phone/tablet, but if I some day buy a (second hand) android device, I might do it specifically for EE.
  • I'm not seeing problems on my Samsung S3. But that screen is tiny for EE. It's the only device I own.
  • For me and my friends is this the biggest Problem. We want to Play together, Main screen at Wall (Beamer) and the Stations with Tablets.
    That´s easy to coordinate for all in short-term.

    Artemios also have no good Android support and we hoped that empty epsilon can fill out this gap.

    So for me there two main Features i want to see.:

    1. Working Android Support. 10" Tablet or Handy seems the lightes Way for Staion control.

    2. Mission Editor. Best with a Mission Base on the Hompage.
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