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Hi all.

I only started having a look at Empty Epsilon a few months back, and I really like the plugin system a lot (probably like every one who has worked with Artemis before ;) )

As I enjoyed games like X and Freelancer when I was younger – I started writing a plugin framework to allow scripters to fill the universe with artificial life easily. It is named – drum rollLively Epsilonba-da-tsching. It includes a demo scenario which is pretty lame to play, but intriguing to watch. :D It shows all of the concepts currently implemented. So give it a try.

Right now you can configure stores for SpaceStations, production cycles and merchants on those stations (not yet usable by the player, but the concept is there). You can also assign ships as traders and mining ships to your stations. So there is everything you need to build a simple economic cycle.
There is also a concept for Side Missions (like the ones you might know from X). Right now there is only a transport mission, but this will be extended.
I also added a concept recently for randomly generated ships that fly around not doing much besides having a partially ship description.

Right now I am not sure where this project will be going. Right now I am working together with Tolotos to write a scenario for our local group. So the first priority is to write the things that we need for that scenario. Next up is to fill the universe with more life. I'm thinking of police, raiders, communication between NPCs, etc. I'm also thinking of things for the player ship - like a simple upgrade system.

I would appreciate your feedback. If you got any ideas how the universe could become more life like please let me know. My strengths are in the coding domain and far less in the story telling. Let's help each other out here for the benefit of all.

PS: Please note that I have a background in programming – so don't be confused by the code. The code you are looking for (if you are interested) will most likely be found in src/lively_epsilon/domain/trait. ;)


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