Making a large galaxy for a Larp

Hey everyone, Im from the small Western Australia larp group; I'm going to be running an event next year using EE as the method of players travelling between locations in the galaxy. I'm planning on making a rather large galaxy from what I can tell others have done: so far my dimensions are 100,000 wide and tall, starting at (500,000 , 0).

I will have plenty more questions about various things as I come across them but right now I'll start with a weird thing I discovered with sector naming: going up from sectors Fx, after Ax it changes to ZZx. That struck me as odd unless the universe loops/wraps but I understand technical limits. The thing that seems wrong is that ZIx goes to YHx in the up direction, and [x comes after Zx in the down direction. Would it be something wrong with the code loop that labels the sectors?

I'm also interested in using a time constant to have planets be in particular parts of their orbits.
Example, it is hour 16 of the day. All planets orbits are calculated in Init using this to place them 16 iterations along their orbit path. I briefly tried using"%t") but it didn't work.

Can we edit and add stations in scenario files?


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