Playing games other than ST: Bridge Crew in VR

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Please note that I have not tested this with other players yet, just by myself in the program.

I recently picked up a new computer running Windows and an Oculus Rift with Touch controllers. I haven't yet purchased Star Trek: Bridge Crew. I've been browsing and playing some of the free games & programs that are available in the Oculus Store & on Steam. I downloaded a program called BigScreen ( It allows you to use your desktop in VR and play games with other people. It also has voice chat. The developers talk about having a virtual LAN party. Being that most Bridge Sims are best played in that type of enviroment, I figured I'd give it a try. I tested EmptyEpsilon. With the touch controllers, it gives you a laser pointer type mouse interface with each hand. Where ever you point the controller and press the select button. the mouse jumps to that posistion. Basically you have a 2 finger touch screen, one finger for each hand. I was able to successfully use all functions in the game with both hands. Technically you can only use one hand at a time, but, it switches back and forth without any issues. If you are the host and have multiple monitors you can use one as the "main screen" that's shared with all of the other players in BigScreen and have the other monitor in-front of you. To me I think it would work pretty well for non-VR BridgeSim games inside of VR.

I do wish that BigScreen had a Spaceship setting along with the current indoor and space ones. Maybe if enough people bugged the Devs about it they'd consider making one. :)

Other games like Horizons, Quintet, & Artemis should be playable. Unfortunately, there's only Windows support currently for BigScreen.

If anyone has a Rift or Vive and has BigScreen and wants to try, I'm up for some online testing.


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    Quick screen shot with multi-monitor support

  • Looks a bit sad with just you sitting there :P
  • True, but, It was a quick test and I didn't setup a public room.
  • That is pretty neat!
  • Was this ever tried with a group of people?
  • I tested it briefly with a friend. Haven't played it with any more people.

    With Bigscreen coming out for GearVR & Oculus Go, it's possible for those users to play captain if someone else runs the server.
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