Max amount of ships?

I have been playing Epsilon for a while now with a few friends and we are looking at running a Larp style game here in Australia.
I had read here that a few people had had issues when running more than 3 ships at a time.
I was wondering what the max number of ships/players anyone had run successfully or semi successfully?

Thanks in advance!


  • There was a report of 7 player ships I think, playing trough the internet.

    Personally, my maximum was 2 ships, 12 "clients".

    EE was made partially because of the problems with Artemis getting out of sync. EE should never get out of sync problems. However, a single client which cannot keep up with the game network/performance wise can cause problems for the whole game.

    They also need to run all the same version, version mismatches is also against the design of EE.
  • We did three at once, with I think 5 or 6 clients maybe more. And another game of three - one 4 person, one 2 person and another 2 person over the net. Ran good, we even did the star trek mod and some of my own ships.
  • Oh, and there is currently a hard-coded max of 32 player ships....
  • I will say, I used to be able to run the large battle scenario, but recently it has taxed the game and crashes. Even with my new computer. I'd say I haven't been able to run the scenario for very long since the last two updates. Of course there has been new ships added. I currently put in 8gb of ram, so I will have to try it again now that I have 16.
  • Last year we played with 7 ships connected by ehternet cable, each vessel in a different room and at most, near to 100 feet apart.

    Most of our scenarios froze after 20-30 min of play. But probably my limited skills in programing was to blame.

    More recently we played many games with 3 ships and encountered no problem (We had to clean more space on C:/ drive to opperate correctly.).
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