Alert level and reputation - on Standard Bridge only?

Recently I stumbled over this game, and over Bridge Sims in general (though i have been wondering for a long time why there would not exist any game of that kind. The problem might have been I didn‘t know the term “bridge sim”)

And I have to say, it is really fun! There are some smaller bugs and ocassional crashes, but all in all it is really great.

So, far I played around a bit with the webserver, and figured out almost every command I wanted to use, with the exception of setting the alert level. The function I would have to use seems to be commandSetAlertLevel using set.lua, but no matter what value I tried, the server always returns a script error.

What is the right way of setting the alert level using the api? The main reason I want to do this is because there seems to be no native way to change the alert level in the 3/4 player setup

Another question: Have I overlooked it, or is there no way to see the current reputation outside the relay station, and thus outside a 5/6 setup? (at least getting the reputation via the http api is easy)?


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