LHS Bikeshed - UK Simulator in a Caravan

This custom Bridge Simulator was built in the UK. It's a smaller crew game that the ship in the simulation has problems and you have to fix it. There are no plans to release the software, as far as I know.



  • Bummer... This software looks pretty good!   I really like the blend of hardware and software. 
  • Looks like they're continuing to update the software as of a week ago:
  • im not sure if the intention was to to release the software publicly, but i assume they must have some intention, because there seems to be a full github for the project.

    looks pretty good, its all processing, arduino and unity, and seems to include everything you would want, like the video server, video client, and an android mod client for mobile GMing. there is also stuff i feel they might not want people to access, but maybe they just don't care if people want to look at the source files for their website and the node.js for their booking system.  i can't find any usage guild lines.

    its good, i intend to spend of my spare time taking the time to really understand this project, as it looks more what i need than artemis. i am looking to bridge larp and gaming, but artemis is built more like a game with larp stuff where i want the opposite. this could be it.
  • @dosuserx, Thanks for finding the GitHub Page. Will have to dig into it myself later on.
  • yeah makes me wish i was more experienced with unity. i have no experiences with that. the arduino/processing/java stuff at least i can read/understand. the staging of a three dimensional unity scene, is outside the realm of my experience. plenty of great ideas in this though.
  • Has anyone in this forum tried this? The video leaves a lot to the imagination, and I'd love to hear about any first-hand experiences people have had there.
  • My Unity knowledge is limited, so I haven't played with it yet.
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