15.6" bare HDMI touchscreen available

Chalkboard Electronics has their largest bare (controller board, no bezel) 15.6" capacitive HDMI touchscreen back in stock for $149.25 (133.58 EUR) + ~$35-40 shipping.
  • 15.6" glossy open-frame LCD, 1366x768 px, 256K (18-bits) colors, viewing angles: (L/R:45, U/L:15-35), luminance 200 cd/m2, with integrated multi-points capacitive touchscreen with USB interface (USB cable for touchscreen is included)
  • 10-fingers multi-touch capacitive touch screen with standard Microsoft USB HID protocol
  • HDMI-LVDS converter board that has all required voltages for LCD, can power RaspberryPi through USB connector, contains PIC controller that can be programmed to provide EDID information (like screen resolution, etc) over DDC/I2C interface and also can control LCD brightness in automatic (with help of ambient light sensor) or manual mode
  • LVDS cable
  • ambient light sensor (can be connected as a part of LVDS cable to HDMI-LVDS converter) for automatic LCD brightness control


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