Android on the Raspberry Pi 3

There's been some work to get Android Marshmallow running on the Raspberry 2 & 3. Right now they are focusing on the Pi 3.
They've been able to get it to use all of the CPU cores and I believe they have been able to get GPU acceleration working.

Download Disk images here:

Discussion list:!forum/android-rpi

I haven't tested it yet to see how responsive it is. There's some videos on YouTube that does some demos of it.
Not sure how games like Artemis or Empty Epsilon will run on these builds. If I have some spare time this weekend at the convention, I will give it a go. Might be able to do some play testing on the second bridge if it works well enough.

Hopefully this will open up some more possibilities for in-expensive hardware to be able to run existing BridgeSims.


  • I was able to get Android running on the Pi3. It took a while to boot the first time.
    I was able to install Empty Epsilon and Artemis on the Pi.

    Running the games:

    Empty Epsilon would start, but, wasn't able to click on anything using a mouse. This is a known issue, so, it wasn't unexpected. I don't have a touchscreen, so I wasn't able to get any farther.

    Artemis went to the Initializing screen then rebooted the Pi the first time I ran it. This was probably due to previously running Web browsers and other programs and running out of Memory/CPU. After reboot I was able to start a client. The Server also started. From what I could see on the main screen, it seemed to be functioning.
    I didn't have it on a network that I could test out connecting to Artemis, so I didn't get try an actual game.

    Perhaps after I get back from GenCon I can do more testing. Or if I'm just bored I might do some testing there.
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