Online Artemis Game Groups

Artemis Eastern Front:
Plays: Tuesday Evenings

TSN RP Community:
Plays: Saturdays at 20:00 UTC and lasts until 00:00 UTC

United Stellar Navy:
Plays: Sundays and Wednesdays

More details:image
(Found via Artemis Eastern Front FB Page)


  • Found this "countdown" page over on Facebook on the Artemis: Eastern Front page
    has a countdown to the regular game time for each group.
  • We have an excellent Artemis group in Dallas Texas and we welcome anyone to join us!

    We feature a full setup, including:

    Dynamic DMX lighting that responds to shields, damage, jump drive, docking etc.
    A weapons prop that lights up and moves when reloading tubes
    A fog machine to enhance lighting effects
    Multicolored light projectors when entering nebula
    Two high powered lasers that shoot across the room when the phasers fire
    A glow in the dark ping-pong ball launcher that goes off when your ship crashes
    5 Touch screen control consoles
    ...many more to follow

    Our next session will be next week at the Dallas Makerspace, 7pm on Friday the 31st. Follow the below link to RSVP:

    Here are some pictures and videos of previous events:

    We look forward to seeing you!

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