BridgeSim Wednesdays (Weekly Game Night)

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Starting at 7PM Central Time (UTC -5) every Wednesday is BridgeSim Wednesdays. We'll rotate through a different Bridge Sim game each week.

Join us on Webchat/IRC for Game details.

Edit: updated link

Edit 2: Removed Discord & added IRC/webchat


  • I cant use discord, can we use team speak instead?
  • For now we'll use Discord mostly for planning & sharing of server details in the text chat, and change over to whatever VOIP software we need to use. Since no download is required it makes it easy to get started.
    I might just setup a webchat to help with getting details out, but, won't have much time to do that today.

    I'll see if I can get a TeamSpeak server running on Docker on this server before 7.
  • Boy. That's 1600/my time, I'll be at work still! How long do you plan to play?
  • I'll be available to play until 11PM CDT.
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    Okay, I am going to try and join you about 1930 your time.

    I only have EE. Loaded at the moment.
  • so I click on the discord link, not sure where it is sending me but no one is there.
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    Looks like the first one expired. Try this one
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    Well crap, I was in the field for work yesterday and things weren't going my way, an short day turned into a long one and I didn't get him till around 8, sorry guys! I'll try next week.
  • The game for July 6, 2016 BridgeSim Wednesday is Empty Epsilon.
    We'll be running version 2016.06.24 (official build) from

    Please join the Discord Text Chat over at!
    Server Address & VOIP Client details will be posted there.

    I still need to work on the Text Chat & webpage for BSW. Doubt I'll be able to get that going tonight though.
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    The Game for July 13th is Quintet -

    Going to find a basic webchat program to use for this before Wednesday. This will allow us to drop Discord for sharing details, unless that's what everyone wants to use for Voice Chat for games that doesn't include it.
  • I will try to be there. Teamspeak is best for me.
  • I'm working on a page for a more static location for Upcoming games as well as where the text chat will be hosted.

    (Still need to fix a little CSS for the calendar)
  • I've got an update for the website. I'll upload it when I get home tonight.
    Nothing is changing as far as the game. Just making it easier to use and provide more information.
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    Ok, a link to a proper webchat over at
    Or you can use a IRC Client.
  • This Wednesday - July 20, is the 3rd Wednesday of the month and I will not be able to attend or host due to a monthly meeting.
    Feel free to use the IRC/Web Chat and the Team Speak server for planning this weeks game.
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    Not going to be able to run BSW for the next couple of weeks.
    I'm going to be busy preparing for a local-ish convention this Wednesday (Jul 27).
    The next I'll be out of town for GenCon next Wed (Aug 3).

    The IRC/webchat will be available for anyone who want to get together for games while I'm gone. Will leave the Team Speak Server running as well.

    Will update the calendar soon.
  • Any one still interested in BSW?
  • Yes yes me.
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    BSW Tonight at 7PM CDT (UTC -5)

    Join the Webchat (not Discord). Server and VOIP details will be shared there.

    Or use IRC:

    Going to try to run Starship Horizons.
    In case any problems, will run Empty Epsilon (with maybe latest code from GIT - Planets!)
  • I am thinking of making the game nights to the 2nd and 4th Wednesdays of the Month starting in September. I already can't make it to the 3rd Wednesday, due to a monthly group meeting.
    This should hopefully make it easier to remember as well as freeing up a Wednesday to give me time to work on projects.

    Any objections?
  • No that is good for me.
  • Just a note, I can't find where to download the Starship Horizons client.
  • There isn't one. It's a web based interface for the clients.
    I have access to the closed alpha.
  • I thought starship horizons was not internet ready yet? I tried a few times, it didn't work.
  • That's we're testing it :)
  • Testing went well. Just needed to port forward 1894 & 1895 TCP.
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    Oh awesome. I will have to try again when I have a chance. thanks!

    I think I was missing the 1894 port on my router.
  • Updated calendar with new schedule and updated games until the end of September.
  • Okay, i got it to work
  • This week's game is Space Nerds In Space (August 24). SNIS requires Linux to play.
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