Looking for a long term crew.

Hey guys.

Looking for a crew to play these types of games. I am in Oregon USA.


  • Hi, I'm in central California, play online sometimes, but my time for gaming is about an hour or two a night and rarely on weekends unless I get the crew over , which we have had internet players join us on our LAN setups. I'll be sure to post next time I run a game.
  • Sounds good. I would like to get something consistant going.
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    I'm free usually on Wednesday nights; except the 3rd one of the month, as I have meeting that night.
    I'm in Arkansas, so, a few timezones away (Central Time).

    @ObsidianCid, Do you have a preference on which game(s)?
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    @ObsidianCid, If you have a license for Artemis SBS; There's a group on Facebook called Artemis: Eastern Front. They play around 8:00PM-10PM Eastern Time on Tuesdays.

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  • Yes i have artimis. Any day is good for me, actually, wed are perfect. I would love to also get the crew ready for star trek bridge crew. Let me know how to join you guys. Lets do it. Maybe im me your contact info.
  • @ObsidianCid, at what time will you be able to play?
    Which game do you want to play?
  • Anytime after 7 pacific. Artimis will be fine. I have not played it yet.
  • That works for me, but, I might only be able to be on for an hour or two as that's 9PM Central.

    We can use my Discord Voice Chat Server. It doesn't require an account or a
    download (can be browser based), unless you want to reserve your username.

    The link to my Discord VOIP channel information is here:
    I'm still working on this site, but it should give you the information you need.

    I'll put the connection information in the text chat.
  • Discord does not work with my sound card, it is a known issue. We may have to use skype.
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    Do you have Links to info on the Discord problem? I'd like to start using that more, so any knowledge of potential issues might be good to know.

    I don't use Skype for various reasons. Do you have mumble, teamspeak, or ventrillo?
    I have Mumble setup but not currentyly running on the same server that runs this website.
  • Hey man work was nuts today. Did not get home until a few min. Ago. Most wed. I can be available as early as 2pm pacific time. I just changed my schedule to have wed nights available. I can get team speak if I need to. Lets plan on next wed for sure.
  • I understand how that goes. I just finished up a week of On-Call yesterday that I had to deal with responding with problems after hours.

    Next week works for me.

    Thinking about making this a regular event. Maybe run one game for a week or two and change to another.
  • That would be so good!!
  • I have teamspeak, I could jump in on a few games if I'm free. I'm Pacific time zone as well.
    But I can't commit due to work and family. I can only know maybe a day before or day off if I can play.
  • I am look8ng for a crew to join I have EE and I have used Artemis sbs but if I need it i will get a license for it I live in Indiana USA so EST I have discord, TeamSpeak 3, curse chat, ventrilo, Skype and a few others any days I am open is thrusday-monday nights I am World of Warcraft player so I raid tues-wes and maybe Thursday if enough people show up
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