Dussel-3 : an Empty-Epsilon Sci-fi LARP



  • regarding the sound, see here. bridgesim.net/discussion/comment/2692/#Comment_2692
    and the two following posts.

    Probably the quest of finding a unproblematic OpenAL version is still ongoing.

    Maybe someone with windows 10 has experience with other Free Software using openAL (like e.g. supertuxkart)? If there is one that makes no problems, maybe we could use that same openal?
  • Some update :)

    We held a new event last saturday. We had 3 full ships and made some improvement on the decor.

    5 scenarios were played with mostly no problem.

    We corrected the sound issue by installing deleting the openal.dll and installing openAL as BlueShadow suggested.

    The game froze once for no apparent reason, but it was at the end of a scenario and wasn't much a problem.

    Also,near the end of our last scenario, we encountered an issue where an AI ship exploded on a mine... but instead of being destroyed, it duplicated itself until the game froze.

    We are looking foward for our next event in a few months !



  • Hi everyone,

    we had a few events since July. Last saturday we had a 6h event with 4 ships running on the same server without any issue.

    ... well that's after we found why the server crashed multiple times before... we had 1 computer on the wifi instead of the lan server. It seemed to have problems and the log showed some ports issues. The error showed a few time before crashing the whole server.

    As we are trying to grow our community and offer wider experiences, we hope to improve reliability of our scenarios and more ships playing together into them.

    I wondered if there was a way to alter the code, in the core game, to prevent server shutdown like that... and instead just kick-out the issuing computer.

    Just a thought,
    many thanks !
  • Clients do get booted from the server on failure to communicate:

    The message you are seeing is the server discovery on the client failing to get a port and picking the next one, which is fine. So is unrelated to the crash.
  • I asked the player, she says she was in fact booted a few times, always trying to enter again, it would work for some time, than disconnect. After a few tries, the server would shut down.

    We then tried without her computer and had no more problems.

    I don't know if this can help ?

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