EE Internet Server Enhancement Ideas

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With the LAN Server several things are assumed. Everyone is in the same room, & everyone can talk to everyone else.

With the Internet Server, we're missing these connections. How is everyone going to talk to each other? Who's playing on what station? Should we all be on the same ship? Are we doing something special? Should players be in character?

Here's what I propose so far:
Connection message/Message of the Day (MOTD)
Have a way to give information for those playing remotely. For instance: What VOIP program & server are we connecting to so that we can communicate to each other. I know VOIP is in the works, but, for now we don't have it. There might be some rules or additional information that we need to announce to players when they connect.

This can probably be put on the client (shipSelectionScreen) in between the main screen controls and the Ready button. The data can come from a command line option or the options.ini file. Perhaps even pull info from the LUA script for notes on the best stations to use for the scenario.

Granted, this isn't as important for LAN play, but, would hopefully help with random Internet players.

I'm working on some bigger plans for the Internet server, which haven't been flushed out just yet.

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