Damage Control Team Balance (Number of Members per ship type)

edited April 2016 in EmptyEpsilon
Right now all ships have the same amount of DamCon team members which, to me, doesn't feel right. Should a small fighter have the same number of members as a large Missile Cruiser?
Recommending moving the number of damage control teams from being hard coded to a setting for each ship in shipTemplates.lua.

Example setup:
Fighters may have 1 DamCon member (for lore: a small robot that can fit in small spaces)
Cruisers have 3 members
Missile Cruisers (or just larger ships) have 4 (or something)

Of course adjusting the number of members will affect repair time. Ships like missile cruisers should have more empty rooms for DamCon teams to have to move though, where fighters are more compact and the Single DamCon member can quickly get from place to place.
Maybe have a walk speed in shipTemplates.lua for each ship to simulate taking more time to go through larger rooms depending on the size of ship.


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