On the power of costume

I've just started working on my first bridge build (OK, planning the build - need a house with a spare room or shed first).
I come from a theatre background, and I'm always struck by how much easier it is to "get in character" once the full dress rehearsals start. It really makes a big difference.
Masks, and costumes, are a powerful tool for immersion and story-telling. So I'm planning to arrange some ST:Enterprise-style jumpsuits for the crew. Imagine the following image, but with a phaser instead of a hammer. I have a family member who owns a printing business (they do embroidered shirts for companies and stuff like that), so there will be custom rank insignia and department markings and stuff like that. Depending how ambitious I get, I might get some cos-players I know to help add extra decoration, like piping and gubbins.


Has anyone else played with costume design? I'd love to see what other people are doing in this area!


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