New Scenario (The black wall)

Hey there,

this is my first scenario. Im from germany, so i wrote the text in german and translated it afterwards. My english isnt the best. So maybe some of the sentences doesnt make sence. Feel free to correct the mistakes if you want.
Also the mission_state is still in german, i just translated the Comms and the Callsigns.

Before you play the scenario, you have to copy the shiptemplates from the "scenario_07_tbw_e" to "shipTemplates.lua" they are written at the beginning of the script.

I designed some kind of savepoints. If your ship is destroyed or something doesnt work right you can jump to one of two asteroids (1savepoint is heading 310, jump 8 (from the starting position) 2savepoint is heading 0, jump 10 (from the starting Position)).

Im new to programming and games like empty epsilon so please give me feedback if you like.


I hope you enjoy playing the scenario.


  • Oh, cool stuff. The german does make it a bit harder to read. But the English texts look fine.

    The english version does miss a fix that you did in the german version. On the ghosts victory.

    Mind if I rework the scenario a bit to make use of the latest game functions? It can be made so you do not need to patch the shipTemplates.
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    No, please rework the scenario. I am interested in any ideas and fixes.

    I am also interested in feedback for the balancing and so on. I just played the scenario by my own.

  • Still working on updating the code a bit. Almost there, except for the custom enemy ship templates. (Already got rid of the custom player ones, and just apply those changes to the ship directly)

    Progress can be seen here:

    Did notice you depend on "Weapons platform II" as a sort of indestructible defense mechanism. However, my experienced crew would not have any issue in taking those out. (Just reading from the script. Could be wrong here)

    Instead of the "save asteroids", I think the new variation selection can be used to start from a certain point in the scenario.
  • Updated the script at:

    At you can see what I changed. Might help in understanding what I changed to make it work without custom ship templates.

    I did not test the script fully yet, but I think it should work.

    It does start off a bit odd tough. It starts off with:
    Finaly. The maintenance and repairs are completed!

    Pay attention to your ship! Dont overstress your Reactor again.
    (Spelling issues aside), it comes over as the players did something wrong, that they did not do. Meaning you feel disconnected from the scenario at that start.

    Maybe it should start off with asking if engineering can overload the reactor? Damaging the reactor in the process and thus needing repairs.
  • Thank you for all the work and the feedback!

    Your right with the weaponplattform II i should increase the shields and the hull i think.
    ist no Problem it they get destroyed, but it shouldnt be easy.

    Using the variations as savepoints is a good idea.

    I chose to start the scenario this way to give the crew the feeling of coming from an hard mission ... but ur right, maybe i should change the start.
  • Did this scenario make it to a release?
  • I ask the same question. Can this scenario be integrated/updated for the current version of EE?

  • Scenario currently revised by Xansta. Available on demand and found on the USN discord

  • Here is the repaired and updated Black Wall scenario thanks to Xansta. You also have the French translation for the Frenchies.

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