DIY USB-DMX LED strip controller

Hello, I've come across an interesting post by notsabbath on the Artemis Forums, presenting his DYI DMX-512 usb led strip :

I really want to test this once I finish moving. The only thing that leaves me a bit doubtful is the capacity of led strips to generate a really good lighting, I think they would be overshadowed by... well, any light.


  • I've got a shorter LED strip I've been wanting to try out using an Arduino, but haven't had time.
    I've got a cable I made for DMX, but it's being weird for some reason. Was going to get it working with EE but it wasn't working right. Problem in Artemis as well.
  • The advantage with this setup is that it seems to be quite simple (on the paper at least) : have an USB -> RS485 (Serial) dongle, a DMX controller, a power supply, a led strip and you're good to go (well, in theory...).

    And not too expensive :)

    For your strip, it must not be addressable... although it must be easy to check as the connectors are not the same : if I'm not mistaken, the classic RGB LED connectors are V+/R/G/B and addressable RGB pixels are V+/Data/Ground
  • Honestly I can't remember if mine are addressable or not. It's been a while since I ordered them. If not, I'll use them with an older Arduino as I originally planned.

    I need to build some better/more lighting systems for my permanent bridge as well as my Convention bridge, so I might pick up some of those controllers and LEDs.
  • For EE. You should be able to hook up the Arduino directly with this code on the Arduino side:

    No real DMX hardware needed.
    I should write down that setup one day... when I have time :P
  • Discovered that my LED strips are addressable over SPI. Picked it up over at Adafruit a while back. Planning on using them with a Raspberry Pi and use them for Red/Yellow alert lights via the HTTP Server in EE.
  • image

    Picked these yesterday :)
    I'm looking forward to do more in-depth testing with EmptyEpsilon :)
  • My portable bridge illumination project is still going on :

    Didn't soldered the strips yet as testing show that there is a problem with serial drivers. More on that when I find a solution :)
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