DIY USB-DMX LED strip controller

Hello, I've come across an interesting post by notsabbath on the Artemis Forums, presenting his DYI DMX-512 usb led strip :

I really want to test this once I finish moving. The only thing that leaves me a bit doubtful is the capacity of led strips to generate a really good lighting, I think they would be overshadowed by... well, any light.


  • I've got a shorter LED strip I've been wanting to try out using an Arduino, but haven't had time.
    I've got a cable I made for DMX, but it's being weird for some reason. Was going to get it working with EE but it wasn't working right. Problem in Artemis as well.
  • The advantage with this setup is that it seems to be quite simple (on the paper at least) : have an USB -> RS485 (Serial) dongle, a DMX controller, a power supply, a led strip and you're good to go (well, in theory...).

    And not too expensive :)

    For your strip, it must not be addressable... although it must be easy to check as the connectors are not the same : if I'm not mistaken, the classic RGB LED connectors are V+/R/G/B and addressable RGB pixels are V+/Data/Ground
  • Honestly I can't remember if mine are addressable or not. It's been a while since I ordered them. If not, I'll use them with an older Arduino as I originally planned.

    I need to build some better/more lighting systems for my permanent bridge as well as my Convention bridge, so I might pick up some of those controllers and LEDs.
  • For EE. You should be able to hook up the Arduino directly with this code on the Arduino side:

    No real DMX hardware needed.
    I should write down that setup one day... when I have time :P
  • Discovered that my LED strips are addressable over SPI. Picked it up over at Adafruit a while back. Planning on using them with a Raspberry Pi and use them for Red/Yellow alert lights via the HTTP Server in EE.
  • image

    Picked these yesterday :)
    I'm looking forward to do more in-depth testing with EmptyEpsilon :)
  • My portable bridge illumination project is still going on :

    Didn't soldered the strips yet as testing show that there is a problem with serial drivers. More on that when I find a solution :)
  • Did this ever get implemented? I'm looking for a cheap and dumb addition of lights to my Empty Epsilon living room bridge. I'll set up and take down the lights between games.

    I'd love to read about someone's full experience/implementation. The forum chitchat link is pretty comprehensive. I'd like to think hooking up something similar in EE would work.
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