Notes after running EE at a Convention

We ran EE this past weekend at ShadowCon. This was my 6th year running BridgeSims there. All the previous years we've run Artemis SBS. This was the first time I ran EE for the length of a Convention. You can see a couple pictures here: We had good response from players, most had played Artemis at the con in the past.

Here's a couple of things I ran across during running of the games.

1. Have a Dedicated (non-headless) server screen - Be able to spawn new ships without having to select another console screen, or have a screen just for server for starting & pausing/un-pausing games. I ran a main screen on a separate PC and the server didn't have the proper OpenGL capabilities to run another mainscreen. I ended up using Power Management which isn't the best solution. Maybe have a timer telling how long the game has been running for the "server" screen.
Since the Basic mission didn't spawn a ship, I could not run a headless server without modifying the script. Maybe be able to enter commands on the headless server to run basic things like spawning a ship.

2. Launching a new game (or restarting) without closing the server - When running the same scenario over and over, it can be a pain to have to exit the server and restart it to run the same scenario. Then have to manually reconnect the clients.
I did have the clients configured to auto-connect, but ran into a problem with a couple of clients not wanting to auto-connect.
Maybe just clear all the LUA actions from memory and relaunch the same script. This could be also done in the script if the Victory command could load & start the same script or another script.

3. VS mode - I tried to create a "Single Pilot VS Mode" to let single pilots have a 2v2 battle but wasn't able to spawn some of the ships as another race.

4. Disable the Main Screen section in Single Pilot using option.ini - Allow the game to run in a window in separate windows with a main screen and Single Pilot.

5. auto-connect to a 2nd (or Nth) ship - Have an setting in option.ini to connect to a ship that is not the first one spawned. For multi player ship games.

6. Save presets for the server - Be able to keep Science Scanning, Sensors, & warp/jump config, etc settings across server restarts. Maybe store these in option.ini.


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