EmptyEpsilon unofficial auto-builds

edited June 2016 in EmptyEpsilon
I have setup a script to run once an hour to check GitHub for updates on the EmptyEpsilon & SeriousProton repos.
If there's an update it will check it out, compile for Windows, bundle the EXE and instructions into a zip and upload it to http://bridgesim.net/builds/emptyepsilon. I might set it up to upload to Google Drive, but since it's just a few MB, I might leave it how it is for now. (If so the previous URL will have a webpage that points to the current ZIP files.

There should only be 3 files in the EmptyEpsilon-EXE-*.zip file. The files are
The README-BUILD.txt that contains instructions, the scripting documentation html file scripts_docs.html, and the EmptyEpsilon_*.exe which has the short commit version in the file name . This is so you can tell which commit it is from for Debugging.
You will need the EmptyEpsilon-DLL-*.zip - usually needed to be downloaded once since the DLLS don't change much. The README-BUILD.txt file has the URL needed for the ZIP file from GitHub that contains the game data.


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