Translation ?

I have toyed with the idea of translation of the GUI. However, it seems that I was quite naïve in thinking that it would work "just like this" ^^

(there, Cyrillic characters do not show)

Nevertheless, I thought that replacing the default font with a font that provided the extra Latin + Cyrillic characters would be fine... guess my naiveness know no bounds :P
(here, the ñ from "Español" appear weirdly)

So, I tried to familiarize with how to render other character sets (mainly non-English Latin and Cyrillic), and the answer seemed quite complicated, requiring the use of unicode strings (wide character strings) (

I'm mainly confused on how it would be implemented without taking the engine to pieces. Can it be done in a "simple" (without recoding everything) fashion ? Is it worth it ? Thank you for your answers :)


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