BridgeSim LARP

I'm working on some ideas for a BridgeSim LARP. Basically it's what we do at conventions, taken to the next level. One crew all day long. No dice & no character sheets. No breaks from the game. No stats to worry about besides rank.
Players will be physically moving around the ship and operating consoles as themselves. It will be a "Live Action Role Play" game in the truest sense of the words. Players can only die if the ship is destroyed.

I figure it's going to take around 25 people with players, GMs, & other supporting staff to run the game properly.

Here's the website: Currently, everything is under the Planning menu at the top.

This is the initial plans & idea.!planning/

Feel free to poke holes in the idea, and post questions, comments, & concerns. I'd like to flush out as much as possible before the Alpha test.


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