Project Elpis

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Project Elpis is an expansion to a fast-paced multiplayer space-ship simulation game called Quintet. There are 5 stations you can play: Captain, Helm, Tactical, Science, and Engineering. The Captain coordinates crew actions and sets targets. Helm guides the ship through treacherous obstacles dodging enemy fire. Tactical targets enemy ships and blasts them with an array of weapons systems. Science uses strategic scanning, hacking, and tractor beam techniques to cripple the foe. Engineering repairs the ship and coordinates with all other stations to boost distance and power of ship systems. Communication is key. A well honed crew working together can do anything!

Please note that the video game is required for playing this game. The base game is free (upgrading to Project Elpis and all the other missions cost $5 as a one time purchase) and you can get it at



  • There is so much more to Elpis than that. That description only really covers the Quintet half. Elpis is an ever evolving RP heavy system. Your ship and your character (you get one in Elpis you know, but not in Quintet) can be improved with credits earned in the game, and exp gained through tasks (mostly space murder.. weee!)
    There are player run governments and economies and race relations and all sorts of wondrous goodies to find/create. Politics to play and systems to game.
    Its got a community that's willing to help and absorb new players, its got some fun lore that you can add to with your actions,
    Features are added at player request and through our ideas, this is a game you can really make your own..

    Its just.. well there's nothing like it that I've seen.
    Needless to say I'm a bit enamored with this game :p
  • The here info is actually a copy/paste from the website. I haven't had a chance to get in on this yet. Hopefully I'll get to join in sometime during the upcoming months.
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