Raspberry Pi 2

The Raspberry Pi Foundation announced a new version of the Raspberry Pi, the Pi2. It's a Quad-Core 900MHz ARM-7 SoC with 1GB of RAM. The price is the same as the Model B/B+ of $35 USD. 

Once I get my Pi2's I'll test out some of the existing BridgeSims to check compatibility.
Compatibility notes:
  • Until Artemis is ported to Windows 10 For IoT Devices, I doubt it will work anytime soon.
  • I know that Starship Horizons will be tested out on it.


  • I received my Raspberry Pi 2's a little earlier than expected and did an initial test. 
    I ran into some problems with my power supply not being beefy enough and caused some lockups.

    Starship Horizons:
    Epiphany Browser worked mostly with it. Had an issue with the Manual Steering not working, but worked fine with the keyboard. Screens can take a second or two to load. 

    More tests to come.
  • What is the rest of the hardware and settings. E.g. monitor and resolution? Raspberry Pi 2 is a nice way to push down cost.
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    Currently I'm using a 720p TV for my screen over HDMI and a Dell Monitor at 1440x900 over a HDMI to DVI cable.
    The only difference between the Raspberry Pi & the Pi2 is the CPU and amount of memory. The rest is the same. 
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    EmptyEpsilon test:
    I tried to get EmptyEpsilon to run on a Pi using GLShim and tried again on the Pi2. So far I'm getting some garbled text on the main screen and completely illegible text on the others. It usually locks up before I get any real graphics.
    I figured it would be a long shot unless it gets OpenGL ES support, but figured I'd try anyway.
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