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  • Pollux568
    Hi smcameron!

    You have probably seen it, but just in case, I was figuring you may be interested by the Kickstarter campaign for Abyss Crew which has started:
    We're two third of the first stretch goal, it's cool! It will be used to hire some young professionals to make good quality assets for the game (UI, graphics, audio...).

    Anyway, keep the good work on Space Nerds in Space!
    What are your plans for the project in mid-long term? I am still following it - and I will support it if I can :)

    February 28
    • smcameron

      Yeah, I saw the kickstarter. Looks pretty good. I've left my job, so, not exactly rolling in dough if I want the money to last, but I have lots of free time at the moment. I have set up a Patreon and liberapay, but so far nobody has decided to throw any money at me, ha, well I can't really blame them. I haven't really tried to promote it though, other than putting some links up on my the github web page.

      As for the mid to long term plans for SNIS... well, I'm 5 years in,, so maybe it's already in long term, ha. I have moved to Virginia now, and joined the hackerspace in Richmond, which seems pretty cool, and I think I might actually get to play my game properly soon, which should be enlightening as I've had exactly zero proper play testing in the last 4 years or so. I am probably going to try to build some physical interfaces for the game with some arduinos and a bunch of buttons, potentiometers and toggle switches, etc., but that doesn't really scale out to anybody else.

      I suppose the things I want to concentrate on are:

      1) More mission scripts.
      2) Enabling mission scripts (improving the lua api to allow mission scripts to do what they need to do.)
      3) Adding more variety of stuff into the game and filling in details -- to some extent, approach it as dwarf fortress and just buckle down and brute force program in a bunch of variety and features.
      4) Continue with the RTS that I started adding into the game. I got it kind of working, but it isn't very solid, balanced, fleshed out, etc.
      5) Not sure I'm satisfied with how Science screen works, so I might have to revisit that one.

      But, who knows what will really happen.

      Good luck with Abyss Crew and with your kickstarter.
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  • Rwolf
    hey where might i upload a mission scripting so someone with more understanding could take a look at it?
    it seems to work but a little buggy.
    February 24
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    February 24
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  • Tolotos
    Hi Heinz, kind of a Ugly Hack but, you could "create" a "ship" with a Misslemodel and make it Attack target of Waepons. Make it explode or create a Nuke/Mine at the destination or in range of enemy ship. This would be "ballistic Missle" ;)
    January 10
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    January 9
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    December 2017
  • Tolotos
    Suggestions, if you want to make a single explosion, create an Artifact something like that


    and when it shall explode use the :explode() =)
    December 2017